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    • OMV 2.x

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    • Owncloud Plugin

      Hi I am running 2.1.23
      I got it share via ftp, windows and nfs no problem. Streams moves and plays folders of music vlc no issue.

      I was trying to get the own cloud to work and could not find a good step by step like I did with the share.

      I started process of adding own cloud but when I did apt-get install owncloud it said it was installed.
      If I removed the plugin it was still installed

      If I do ip address I get OMV page.
      If I do ip address/owncloud i get 404

      When I reinstall the plugin it says in the installation window that it can not find the suse.deb file and has some communication errors.
      It will not activate it needs a certificate in addition to the share and stops on none with no action possible.

      Sorry for not finding it on my own but it was confusing for me. I normally use the how to guides to solve my issues.
      Also the owncloud client does not find it. Also own cloud wants https and I do not think I am doing that yet. (How do https would be great to)

      Thanks jwp1
    • do you use only the owncloudplugin? I think you make a manuel installation or update!? Thees is a important info. What do you do bevore the problem? When you install the plugin you must only use the pluginconfiguration in the GUI.
      omv 4.0.19 | 64 bit | omvextrasorg 4.1.2 | kernel 4.14
      used plugins: nginx | mysql | docker-gui |rsnapshot | antivirus | apt tool | letsEncrypt |
      used other: netxtcloud | logitechmediaserver | emby
    • services ngix

      I did not have the ngix icon in services like you do?
      I just installed the plug in I did not do anything else when I tried to do something else with apt it said own cloud was already installed.
      So wrote the post.

      So how do I get the third picture in you the help article?
      Click home
      click services
      Then click ngix (But there is not one to click)

      Thanks JWP