Request for a MPD and a PulseAudio Plugin

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    • Request for a MPD and a PulseAudio Plugin

      Ahoi Community,

      I am a happy litle OMV User for about a year now and have lots of fun seeking through the guts of this fine piece of softare and tinker some software into it.

      Well while using my beloved NAS-server I stumbled upon MPD (Music Player Daemon) which is a unbelievable great solution for networked audio playback, since i disconnected my speakers from my Workstation and connected them to my server. MPD is able to manage multiple sound in and outputs simultaniously so it is a really nice audio server. Now I can manage my music playback from all my devices via WiFi.

      In addition I have configured PulseAudio as the output for MPD which makes the whole setup even more flexible and has good audio quality.

      It is a little bit of a hassle to setup MPD with PulseAudio everytime I crash my system or a hdd dies.

    • Re: Request for a MPD and a PulseAudio Plugin

      Since the anti spam blabla keeps pissing me off - Sorry votdev, but i dislike the anti spam. It is to rigid to the users - i parted this post into two. So here comes the second Part.

      So I ask you to build a small nifty plugin for MPD in OMV. I could of course try it by my self and freak into the existing plugins and find my way through but my time is awefully limited at the moment, since I am studying and have two jobs atm. Yeah I know buuhuu :)

      So what would we need for MPD to work? The process has to be started by a MPD-user or something, there have to be serveral "filechoosers" where one could specify the needed folders (music, playlists ...) A port needs to be specified and an optional password (since some clients do not support password login). All that data needs to be written to a config and the mpd-server needs to be restarted when clicking the save button.
      Did I miss something?
    • Re: Request for a MPD and a PulseAudio Plugin

      And because of the above reason here comes the rest of my request. Please Admins be patient with me. I know, that you are pissed off by spammers and you know that I am pissed off by the anti spam script, since I am a normal user that does not express his thoughts in lol, roflmao and rtfm.

      Pulse Audio is a little bit more tricky I think.
      It would be really great if someone could do some kind of rebuild of the PulseAudio GUIs that exist for system with X insalled.

      Thank you for reading my request. I hope you guys impress me one more time with your neat coding skills and make my life a little bit more simple :)