Install to USB?

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    • Install to USB?

      Hi all, I'm a brand new user and have just built a new machine for my NAS. Never really played much with any other OS apart from Windows & Mac so I'm a bit of a newbie. I have been reading a few things and see that install to a USB is not really recommended due to lots of writes to the USB causing it to fail after some time. However this has been mitigated by the plugin called flashmemory or something? Does this work enough so that USB sticks are good enough to last years, or should I just go with a normal disk drive? I have several old mechanical HDDs lying around gathering dust that I could use. Prefer not to buy another mech drive or SSD for the install.
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      You can use the flash plugin to install to a USB, although it is better to install to a HDD or SSD. Does it mean that the USB will last years? It depends on several things: is the USB old? Is it an El-Cheapo brand or not? Performance-wise, it should be better if you use a HDD (specially if you are using USB 2.0). If the mechanical drives that you have are still good and you have enough SATA ports in your MOBO, then I would suggest a HDD installation.
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