Problems with usb-backup (and / or nfs too)

    • OMV 2.x
    • Problems with usb-backup (and / or nfs too)

      I use the USBBackup-Module to Backup HOME to one and additional the entire /media/data - Disk to another external Disk. Thought that i'll do so ...

      Lastly I checked my Backup-media and found only few files properly copied, mostly there was only the empty directory. some copied, some not .... hmmmm
      • I found the backup-drive read-only mounted, can this be a clue? I use usbmount, is this conflicting with usbbackup?
      • The files on the home-drive are mostly used as mounted nfs-drive. When I create a new doc they get following rights:

        Source Code

        1. -rw-rw-r-- 1 1000 root 8051 Feb 2 09:04 test01.odt

        ok so far?
      Where can I look for more Informations? It makes me a little nervous not having a proper Backup

      By Micha
      Grüße aus Berlin

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