Setting up Union File Systems and SnapRAID

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    • Setting up Union File Systems and SnapRAID

      I am thinking of switching to OpemMediaVault so have been doing some testing in a VM to see how it works and if it will suit my needs. I download the latest stable release 2.1.25 and make sure to run the update manager.

      I ultimately want to run SnapRAID so download the OMV-Extras package from the following; Plugin which says it works in 2.x of OMV.

      I then install the SnapRAID 1.5 and UnionFileSystems 2.3 plugins as seen in the attached pictures.

      I browse to Physical Disks and can see all the disks that I have added.

      I then go to File Systems and Create four ext4 drives.

      I go to SnapRAID and see no devices in the list.

      I go to UnionFileSystems and see nothing in the list.

      I go to RAID Management and can see four drives that I have done nothing with, which I expect.

      I am extremely new to OMV but such a simple thing seems to be beyond my grasp, I have spent two days on this.

      How can I add a SnapRAID drive? or even a AUFS drive?

      I am running VMWare workstation 11.1 and have tried adding SCSI and SATA drives to the OMV VM as I though maybe this was causing an issue. I have even rebuilt the VM from scratch just to be sure.
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    • Your steps look good except you forgot to mount each of those new filesystems.
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