{HELP} The partition running OMV keeps getting filled up

    • OMV 2.x

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    • {HELP} The partition running OMV keeps getting filled up

      I've been running OMV for about a two months now. In the last fews days, I started getting error that the disk which OMV is running on get completely full.

      I am running OMV as a virtual machine in ESXi. The OMV VMDK is 16GB and it is on a physical SSD. I have another 4 drives in my server, all EXT4, a total of about 6TB. Last I checked the fullest one had about 30% free. When this first happened i was running CouchPotato so i assumed it was writing to the wrong disk and therefore filling up the OMV VMDK and not the actual drive it was supposed to. I reverted to an earlier snapshot and the issue was gone. I then just let the server sit for about 4 days and the same thing happened. I haven't ran any downloads or added any data to any of the drives.

      The error I get from ESXI is this:

      Message from batman.home: There is no more
      space for virtual disk
      000001.vmdk. You might be able to continue this
      session by freeing disk space on the relevant
      volume, and clicking button.retry. Click
      button.abort to terminate this session.
      2/2/2016 4:11:49 PM

      I just ran df -h and it looks like somehow all the drives are filled to capacity. [Screenshot](i.imgur.com/PvinhsN.png) Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a way to look inside the vmdk to see what's eating up all this space? This seems like a bug but I am not sure if it's with ESXi or OMV
    • I made some progress but I am not entirely sure exactly what I did. I tried to remove some of the attached drives from the OMV virtual machine and then start it. The OMV VM then booted without a problem and it looks like all my drives are there and have the actual free space.

      I realized that df -h is showing 100% because the VMDKs themselves take up 100% of the drive's space. I found a tool called RVTools which shows that the drives have a lot of free space (matching the free space that OMV itself reports). imgur.com/a/TeTr2