New to raid got a question.

    • New to raid got a question.

      I set up my box using a 20gig main drive and 4 50gig drives creating a raid0 set-up. I am wondering if I will be able to expand that by adding 4 more drives to the array. At the moment I really don't have a lot on the array so I could delete it but it does take a while to create the drives...I am using a vm.

      Now that I have it up and running I really like the system so I am ready to create a much bigger array to hold all my files, music, video for streaming and sharing. Now if I could figure out how to get the website plugin to work but I will read up on that after I get the system set-up.

      I am very impressed with OpenMediaVault I am able to stream 1080ip movies to my TV with out a hitch, using Plex to stream MKV files... it's also nice to have the ability to enable the extra plugins an SSH into the system.

      I have a six core system with 8 gigs of ram, using Vmware - set two cpu's, 2 gig ram, then create the number of drives I need using a 1 terabyte drive. The set-up really works well super fast now I just need to make it bigger. If this is not the correct way to run OpenMediaVault in a VM I am open to all suggestions, as I am very new to this but I do have a fair amount of time with Ubuntu.

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      Am I correct in thinking that I could just delete the drive under filesystems then just add the other drives and recreate the array...since I just installed the system last knight and I only have a few movies on it for testing, seems like the way for me to go.
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      If all of the virtual drives are on one hard drive, why make a raid array? I would just add one big virtual drive. You don't have to delete the old array unless you need the space.
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      Hi, Since I am simulating an os I was hoping that I would still get the benefits of using the same schema for the set-up. Since I am using one drive I have to create the 20gig OMV drive anyway then create the one large drive or two or four independent drives, but if I am not gonna get any results by doing that I wont wast my time with it I am gonna have to do a little reading up on raid and VM.
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      20 gig for the root drive is okay and not building a raid out of a single physical disk is also improving performance. So this is definitely better. To support HD Video is from disk perspective no challenge. It has at max 5MByte/sec read requirements to stream it. If you want to use your OMV installation as file server with that Raid construct it will kill off all performance for sure.
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