btrfs or nilfs2 support via web interface?

    • OMV 2.x

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    • btrfs or nilfs2 support via web interface?

      I have looked for this information in forums without find anything useful, so if the topic has been already discuss somewhere let me know.
      I have installed OMV 2.1.28 and via apt-get also btrfs and nilfs modules+utility (and rebooted just for sure)
      I would like to use this "new" FS on my storage drives, but I can't see them in the pull-down menu STORAGE/Filesystems/New/...
      Is it possible? (by hand under the hood or installing some optional module...)

      Thank you.

    • btrfs works, nilfs .....

      I have created btrfs FS via root terminal and "magically" it has appeared in the STORAGE/ Filesystem
      I have created nilfs FS via root terminal and ... no, no more magic :(

      NILFS has continuos checkpoint/snapshots and I think it is an invaluable features against cryptolocker malware.

      Will be available in the (near) future?

      thank you.
    • I think continuous checkpoints/snapshots is a bit excessive. You could use the rsnapshot plugin for hourly snapshots that don't take up much space. This would be very good against cryptolocker as well (I can say this from experience at a school I do work for.)

      You are the first to ask for NILFS. BTRFS still isn't fully implemented. So, I would say BTRFS will happen before NILFS. NILFS is very slow as well. ext4+rsnapshot would give you much better performance.
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