vmware installation + remote share + ACL -- > owncloud 8 + alternative setup.

    • OMV 2.x

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    • vmware installation + remote share + ACL -- > owncloud 8 + alternative setup.

      Hi All,

      A bit of backgound story :
      A while ago I installed OMV with owncloud on a raspberry pi 2. (USB drive attached)
      For this purpose I used the guide in this tread :
      Owncloud 8 and MySQL: alternative approach
      This is working.

      Because the interaction with the system felt sluggish I decided to run another OMV & owncloud,.. this time on my windowsbased HTPC in a VMWARE environment.
      The HTPC is a machine with 2 harddisk in it. The first is 500Gb and is used for the windows OS and now also holds the "OMV vmware OS " (stored in a single file)
      The other harddisk is contains my media files and is NTFS.
      I didn't use partitions.

      In order to install owncloud I need to have a seperate disk/filesystem. -- > share folders option
      For this purpose I added an usb stick and mounted it --> it's UID is visible under / media.
      It has been formatted as Ext4.
      The second step I did was to manually add a mount towards the windows file system
      // 3.7T 1.1T 2.6T 29% /media/fdd3b9f6-03bb-4e1d-93ea-8059325b6083/share

      This also is working and I can write to the system as root.
      The idea is to add a mount towards to windows system so all files processed by owncloud end up on the windows system harddisk.
      In the manual mentioned earlier (on owncloud) one needs to create a shared folder and use ACL to alter the rights.

      This is where I get stuck.
      Via the ACL I need to set permission but when doing so ,.. the GUI keeps on applying the changes ,..
      after logging out and in again it stops.
      However : without applying the ACL.

      In another case I got an error message.
      Failed to execute command 'export LANG=C; setfacl --remove-all -M '/tmp/setfaclFsnzEr' -- '/media/fdd3b9f6-03bb-4e1d-93ea-8059325b6083/share/BACKUP

      The windows drive has been shared with read/write for everyone.

      My questions :
      Is this logic of using a usb drive to create a mount for owncloud the way to go ,..--> As I need to follow the steps in the manual ?
      Any ideas on how to solve these issues ?

      All and any help appreciated.