Old logical volume showing up when creating luks container (GUI)

    • Old logical volume showing up when creating luks container (GUI)

      :( Hi,

      Migrating my data from a logical volume to an union filesystem, I had a problem removing the filesystem of the logical volume (which consisted of only one disk at this point).
      In despair, I wiped the disk with gui (fast method). After that in LVM plugin, everything was gone, which was good as far is I know. The filesystem was still showing up on GUI, and impossible to remove so I followed a post on this forum and removed it from /etc/fstab and /etc/openmediavault/config.xml, and it was gone from gui.

      Now I want to create a Luks container on this harddisk but from the GUI, the only device showing up for that is my old logical volume (/dev/POOL-vg/POOL which symlink to /dev/dm-0), I can't select my freshly wiped harddisk....

      Could you give me advice on what to do at this point?

    • I think it means the old lvm is still available. Have you use the the lvm manager to delete all logical partitions and volume groups?
      If you use the quick wipe, I don't think it will flush an lvm or raid. A long wipe yes, but that takes several hours. So try first the lvm manager.
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