How to install Seafile with MySQL and SSL

    • OMV 2.x

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    • when I add users to seafile, the server does not send the confirmation emailand pw assigned, I tried changing "" adding the following lines:

      Source Code

      1. # Email Sending
      2. EMAIL_USE_TLS = True
      3. EMAIL_HOST = ''
      4. EMAIL_HOST_USER = ''
      6. EMAIL_PORT = 587
      7. DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL = ''
      8. SERVER_EMAIL = ''

      (as explained by tiny_x7) (may be that I have not changed 587 to 465 :-Pany way google send me email similar " some software tray abuse you account...."
      someone has solved ??
      OMV 3.0.46 (Erasmus) - MySQL 3.x - Seafile 6.x Proliant N36L RAID Mirror 2x 1,5TB *** I love test beta software ;) ***

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    • Greetings new friends. Newb alert. I've got OMV working on a Pi3 and all seems well. So I'm trying to get seafile going too now. I'm stuck on setting the seafile data directory here:
      - When asked for the Seafile Data directory use the full directory path to the Seafile-data folder you created in Part 1 Step 2 and append /data to the end of the path e.g.
      /media/fa8088ed-5de5-4c2c-b4dc-d84abe3dd7ec/Seafile-Data/data (/media/your-number-is different/Seafile-Data/data)
      How do I find the proper path for my own setup? I'm not able to figure that out.

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    • After getting OMV and Seafile running I can't write files to my SMB directories from my Mac. Also I'm not super impressed with the UI of Seafile. All uploads have failed with no explanation as to why. Perhaps same permissions reason. And one can't cancel an upload once it starts, so I often get a spinning wheel, forever. Maybe I'll look at NextCloud.