Advice for a newbie

    • Advice for a newbie

      Hi guys,

      I am building home server as a storage hub and to stream media to other computers/devices in the home. I plan to use OMV as from my research seems to be able to do what I need it to for. I have a HP Proliant Microserver N40L and have bought 4x 2TB WD Green drives for the 4x caddies in the front of the server, I didn't realise before that the OS installation takes a whole drive so will need to mount another drive (likely the bundled 250GB) in the optical drive slot which wont be needed.

      I plan to use three of the 2TB drives in a RAID5 setup most likely for a 4TB array and the 4th drive as a backup for the media etc.

      I've never set up a RAID array before so does this sound like a good setup for what I need? Also is there a way of running regular scheduled backups from the RAID array to the standalone drive using OMV or can you suggest any other software?

      Any help is much appreciated :)

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      Sounds like a great setup. You can schedule commands (cron) from the web interface to run backups.
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      Hi I finally have this set up today and have made some progress.

      OMV is installed on a 250GB HDD (bundled with the MS)
      I have 3x 2TB WD green drives in RAID 5- 3.5TB array and one not raided for backup.
      I have mostly configured the options using a guide as I am relatively inexperienced.

      I have networked a couple of shared folders through Windows 7 which is the platform it will mostly connect to and files are being transferred over, although the speed is around 8mbps and would have thought it would be significantly faster.

      Any idea what may be causing this? I think it might be due to the hard drive setup I have chose through OMV options but am unsure.
      The options I have chosen for the array HDD's are:
      Advanced Power Management - 64
      Automatic Acoustic Management - Minimum
      Spintime down - 10 mins
      SMART - Yes
      Write Cache - Yes

      Does this look ok or do you think something else might be causing the bottleneck?

      Thanks in advance :)
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      Hi tekkebebe, I've been doing a ton of research and no my router does not have a gigabit port. I think this may be the problem.

      I have been transferring files between my PC and the server. It is wired through a 200mb homeplug, the N40L is plugged directly into the router.
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      Yea, you need a gigabit router. Once you have that then the homeplug will be an issue if you are moving data thru it. Also, the speeds I mentioned were viz a samba share not and NFS. But you can find posts on this forum regarding NFS shares and still you can get way faster rates then you have currently. A router upgrade is a good start.
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      I have looked into a router upgrade but just to clarify will I just need to plug the N40L into the gigabit port on the router and everything else as it is or will I need gigabit switches on the PC's too?

      Also my ISP is Sky and from what I've read it can be tricky using an alternative router to what they supply. I assume it isn't just a case of plugging the new router in?
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      Have you called your provider to see if there is a newer modem/router they can give you. Most provide a gigabit router today. Then maybe you won't have to buy one. Yes you will need gigabit switches if you want gigabit speeds to whatever is plugged in the switch. Some things you may not need that speed you have to judge. But any place you want to move data fast you will need a giigabit route to the router. If you have to buy a gigabit router you may need to figure out how to brigde the router that is built in to your providers modem.
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      My situation is similar to the one MrHockallz, slow 100 Mbit router.

      Now all my devies are connected to the router, so all traffic goes through the router. What happens when I connect all my devices on a 1GB switch behind the router ? Will all the data take the abbreviation and bypass the router, of course not the I-NET traffic.
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      "tekkbebe" wrote:

      The switch will not run at Gigabit speeds until the router is Gigabit.

      Er, it will!?

      I have w/l router with 4 10/100 mb ports.
      Port one connects to a 5 port gb switch - everything wired in the house connects to that.
      Traffic is only going through the router when it's going off the private network, the switch is intelligent enough to route traffic directly without recourse to the router. My network flies :)
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      are you confusing a hub with a switch here? A hub - yes. by design it will run all ports at the same speed. A switch normally (if not the worst quality) will run ports at individual speeds and the port speed of one port does not affect the data bandwidth of two other ports.

      If you connect Host A and B to Port 1 and Port 2 on the Gigabit Speed with 1Gbit/s link speed, they can talk to each other with 1Gbit/s speed (and depending on the switch, full duplex). The Router connected to Port 3 with 100Mbit/s is not affecting that traffic.

      Inside of a ethernet segment, there is no router required for traffic between clients.

      The router is required only, if you leave your IP subnet, regardless if the second IP subnet is also located in the same ethernet segment or not (which it should not, but it would work).

      Maybe the word routing is a little bit confusing here, as different network layers are used and affected. So the switch can route Ethernet frames without the Wireless Router (Layer 2). The Wireless Router is only needed to route IP packets (Layer 3), so if you leave your local IP subnet as or something alike.

      And by the way, that is exactly my setup at home :) All is setup on a Gbit Switch and that is connected to the DSL router via 100Mbit/s. No problem with up to 105MB/s transfer speeds between my PC and OMV.
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      Was never aware of this. But my setup has always gone device/switch/router(with built in switch)/then other device. So I've never really tested that way. I just assumed the switch acquired max speed of router's switch. I've had everything gigabit for quite a while.

      PS- I think I knew this. I think there are even posts where I talked about it. I'm forgetting things..... :shock: