How to mount existing RAID 1 disks

    • OMV 2.x

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    • How to mount existing RAID 1 disks

      I have an existing pair of software RAID 1 disks (ext4) and I have OMV running under Linux Debian 7.9. I would like to access the RAID pair with OMV. From the web panel, the disks are showing under "Physical Disks". However, they don't show up under "File Systems" nor "RAID Management". I see options to "Create" new filesystems and RAIDs, but no buttons for mounting an existing filesystem or RAID.

      How do I access the RAID volumes without erasing my data?

    • You don't mount a raid array. It should be auto-detected. If it is auto-detected, the filesystem should show up in the Filesystems tab. Where did the array come from? What filesystem? What is the output of: cat /proc/mdstat
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