Change name of RAID

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    • Change name of RAID

      This week my two harddrives (6TB WD Reds) for my new openmediavault build finally arrived. I hooked them up, created a new RAID (mirror) for the two drives via openmediavault's web interface and everything is running fine A few days later I edited my hostname of the machine and now I noticed that the name of the RAID is still based on the previous hostname + the name I gave it (when I look at details, hostname:RAID1). Though, everything is still working I would like to edit the name of the RAID acording to the new hostname. Now I tried editing the /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf file and run the "omv-mkconf mdadm" command, but it's not achieving what I want.

      I hope that someone has a suggestion on how to achieve this.