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    • Plex Update Notification

      I'm not sure if this is in the right section and it's a fairly simple question really...

      Every-time I log in into my Plex Server it gives me a warning that it has an update available and a link to a deb file follows...

      The question is... Should I download this and install on update section? Or search Google for a way to update this properly? or just wait for a plex plugin update be available through the Update Section in OMV?

      Not sure what to do here... Just wanted a quick advice...
    • @tekkb can answer that. ;)

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    • Source Code

      1. root@omv:/scratch# ls
      2. plexmediaserver_0.
      3. root@omv:/scratch#

      You do not upgrade via the Plex UI. It is an Ubuntu version that is incompatible with OMV 2.x.
      There are instructions in the Guides sections to make a version that is compatible with OMV 2.x.
      You either create a version that is compatible with those instructions or wait for the update to be in the update manager.

      PS- I changed the heading of the Ops post from warning to notification. This message is a notification and not a warning!

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    • Hello tekkb
      I update plex this way with the amd64 ubuntu package on OMV 2.X

      Source Code

      1. cd /
      2. wget
      3. service plexmediaserver stop
      4. mv /etc/init.d/plexmediaserver /
      5. dpkg -i plexmediaserver_0.
      6. mv /plexmediaserver /etc/init.d
      7. update-rc.d plexmediaserver defaults
      8. service plexmediaserver start

      If plex runs fine

      Source Code

      1. rm /plexmediaserver_0.

      Is this a safe way to update or not ?
      I do this since 5 months now and I don't have any problem
      English isn't my native language, so, sorry if I made any mistake ^^

      OMV 4.1.6 | 64 bit | openmediavault-omvextrasorg 4.1.6
    • Actually the site is down but the guy stopped updating the package for wheezy a long time ago. He posted in a different forum that he was going to stop updating it. Haven't looked why the current site is down though.
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    • Hey all, just wondering if anyone here has updated to the latest Plex version and if they can post the steps? The steps above are great, but the version is older. I am trying to fix a problem with Plex Sync, which does not seem to work on the current plugin version. I don't mind manually updating, if a new version exists.

      On a side note, is it worth just waiting for OMV3 at this point and the new plugin?