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    • Transfer speed inconstant


      i've installed OMV 2 Days ago, and i was really suprised about the easiness of this system. I tried freenas bevore and I failed on permissions.

      I run OMV on a VMware ESXi 5.5 Virtual Machine. So i haven't raid in use on OMV.

      Server is connected with 2 Gig-LAN to an HP switch.

      The Virtual Machine has Following specs:
      6 Virtual Cores
      6 GB RAM
      16 GB Harddrive for System
      3TB Harddrive for Storage

      All Updates are installed.
      Services running: SMB/CIFS, SSH, Plex Media Service, Antivirus

      So my problem is, that the transfer Speed is at beginning of the transfer really fast for the first 1-2 GB (these i got in about 10-20 Sec), but then the transfer speed is breaking down to a Minimum. That means the first 2 GB of an 1080p Movie (about 10 GB) are finished within seconds, but the rest takes sometimes 15-20 minutes, and i have no Idea why.
      The client is in this Case an MacBook Pro 2015 (always connectet to Gbit-Lan), but with an Windows PC there is the same Problem.

      After i read it here in the Forum i made an ipref Speedtest from my Mac to the Server with the result of 987 Mbit/s, which is really a top result.

      I have testet it with Apple NetTalk-Protocol and deactivated Plex and Antivirus. Also the Memory usage is by about 15 % of 6 GB, that means it is not full.

      Is this a known issue and is there a known solution for this problem?

      Thanks for helping me out