Non-tech users easy WAN access to their content: what are the options?

    • Non-tech users easy WAN access to their content: what are the options?

      Have OMV backing up my own files and remote access to it. Next step is
      easy sync'ing and read access to their content for non-tech relatives
      and colleagues, from WAN (vs LAN only). Please what would be the
      options for that? Note am a brand NAS newbie though a relatively
      experimented Linux user.

      Public and OS: Non-tech users on Linux, Windows and Android.

      1. Easy content sync'ing (backup)
      Syncthing seems a good way to go. I.e. set up a sync folder on their
      machines; set up a folder per user with quota and ACL + trash or version
      control "à-la-Dropbox" on the OMV/Syncthing server; letting them know
      the size limitation, done. It's doing fine on my OMV and Linux/android
      clients machines.

      2. Timely and easy access to their content
      that would be
      - easy to use for non-tech users
      - read only (for backup-like sync'ed content)
      - ACL: user ß only sees his/her files (with optional group access for e.g. team members)
      - from Linux, Android or Windows
      - quick to set up on the client side

      I thought about these options:

      - SFTP? would be my preferred way but seems a bit overkill in term of per-user config
      - FTP: neat and rather easy on both client and server's sides, but can it be secured enough (I have no recent experience at all)
      - WebDAV?
      - Samba/CIFS? looks best for LAN and read/write access from Windows
      - Another way?

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