Connecting existing EXT4 3TB harddrive

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    • Connecting existing EXT4 3TB harddrive

      I have a Raspberry Pi 3, and booted it with OpenMediaVault 2.2.1 based on the image "omv_2.2.1_rpi2_rpi3.img.gz" as provided in the download section. I set up LAN, a user, added it to all groups (something I need to restrict a bit later). Now I want to connect it with an harddrive full of movies, however, the drive does not show any directories. The drive ran on a QNAP-412 earlier, is error free and has the ext4 filesystem.

      What do I have to do? I am shying away from that button "Create Filesystem" as I do not want to overwrite. Every guide here seems to assume that people only create a new NAS from scratch, however, what about those cases where existing solutions need to be moved over to OpenMediaVault? Looking for additional information in this matter. :whistling:

      3 x RP 3, NAS + Media + TimeMachine ---> in the making :P
    • If the drive is pure ext4 then it should be displayed at Fs section as not mounted. Then all you need to do is press the mount button. If the Fs is not displayed then I guess you have a problem. With the disk plugged post here the command

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