How to use properly Transmission client on OMV trough a VPN ?

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    • How to use properly Transmission client on OMV trough a VPN ?

      Hi everybody !
      I installed and configured an openVPN client (to Trust.Zone) on my OMV NAS on which I'm regularly using transmission as torrent client through remote transmission GUI on my desktop. Transmission was really well performing its dutty untill I received last week a letter from French government saying that Someone was using my IP address to upload various protected stuff ... Hence, I decided to change my IP address to a controllfreakless country through a VPN.

      Once it has been configured (I didn't use the web interface as I discovered a wonderfull tutorial here :…envpn-openmediavault.html ) The following command :

      Source Code

      1. wget -O - -o /dev/null | cut -d: -f 2 | cut -d\< -f 1

      gave me a foreign IP address as expected.

      Unfortunately, I wasn't able to check that my torrent traffic was effectively passing through the VPN as it seems that I have a port direction problem (51413, which was used efficiently before seems now to be closed when tested in Transmission remote GUI)

      Should-I redirect or open a port in any firewall ? I never configured a firewall on my OMV server (By writing it, I assume it's a completely bad idea ...) should I install a firewall on it or configure the firewall inside the box of my ISP ?

      Thanks in advance for your helpfull help ;)
    • Hi thanks for your answer.
      I think there's a dedicated IP included
      is there a way to test a lack of port forwarding through shell interface so that I can eliminate this option before ?
      I rebooted the OMV server and since it worked but the listening port of transmission was blocked and after a few time downloading @ low speed, I get back to a blocked client...
      Anyway, I asked team for port forwarding
      Any other clues ?
      Thanks again
    • Using a socks proxy with a torrent client is a lot easier than using a VPN, which in its simplest implementation, will take over all connections in and out of the machine, not just those related to the torrent client. A socks proxy also needs no port forwarding.

      Unfortunately, I don't think Transmission supports using a proxy.
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