Suggestions for my first NAS rig (Skylake or Haswell)

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    • Suggestions for my first NAS rig (Skylake or Haswell)

      I am planning to build my first NAS rig with OMV as my target OS. There is going to be no RAID.

      The setup will have a bunch of HDD of various sizes and will store and share content. It will also need to act as a File downloader (Torrents and HTTP) and possibly a plex server.

      The base for it is going to be loosely around this.…ium_prozessor_und_6x_sata

      So first question is should I go with the Skylake Pentium G4400? I have been reading that all NAS OS are having driver issues with Skylake platforms (USB Booting and LAN Drivers) and requires additional work to get working. Is the power efficiency gains over the more established Haswell worth it the extra trouble going with Skylake.

      If I were to go with Haswell (I am assuming that setup with be much easier), would a Pentium G3240/3250 be a close match or do I need to fallback to a Celeron G1840 for similar power consumption profile.

      As far as Motherboard goes, I would like an mATX board with 6 SATA and preferably with USB 3.1 support. I also need to be able to extend the SATA ports in future beyond 6 via one or two SATA expansion cards since I already have 5 spare HDD to put to use in this.

      I have limited motherboard availability over here (India) with common brands being Asus, MSI and Gigabyte. Please make some suggestions for the board.
    • If you have other hardware to play with, then I would suggest doing your first build on that first - get a feel for OMV first and then purchase your hardware (this is what I did)

      I am guessing that you are combining older hard drives together in to 1 device, so the power consumption from those may be the larger factor, rather than the CPU.

      For 5 HDDs, you will need to ensure that you have a decent PSU that can give full power during power-up, and still be efficient whilst running - torrents generally keep accessing the drive(s), so your HDDs may be always spinning

      Looking at the website link that you posted, they may be able to answer your Skylake / CPU questions better - I have not heard about USB booting / driver issues, but that is because I am not looking :) - so I cannot answer that part, but those issues are due to which OS? Linux? Windows? A proprietary NAS OS (usually based on Linux...)??
    • Not all of them are going to be old drives. I have an unused 5 TB Seagate and I am going to get another 4 TB WD Red. I will be adding 3 more slightly older lower capacity drives to the mix.

      Unfortunately, I no longer have any spare hardware right now. I had a spare Q9550 + Gigabyte X48 DQ6 lying around and after checking the power consumption using a Power meter (Consumes 100W @ Idle), I passed it on to a relative as she was in need of a PC. I have a spare Core i5 2500K lying around, but I don't think that it would be any good for a NAS setup from a power consumption angle. I don't want to disturb my main rig for any testing.

      With regards to PSU, I will be getting a 350~450W (preferably 80+ Gold) PSU like the Corsair 450W CSM. I already have a spare CM Stacker 830 lying around which I would reuse for now.

      As for Skylake issues, I am talking about the fact that Skylake removed EHCI support breaking USB booting support for several OS which lack xHCI driver support. OMV requires a kernel upgrade to boot from USB if I am right. Same for FreeNAS.