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      Hi Guys,

      wonder if you can help out. Just installed the Syncthing plugin which worked fine and easy.

      But know it came to the configuration part, has anybody a tutorial/guide how to get it running?

      I'm not clear what values I have to set, maybe somebody can help me with a screen dump?

      best regards
    • I had this running directly between some PCs before I set it up on my NAS, so that might be a good point for you to trial it first

      So, from OMV's point of view, the username should be fairly straight forward.

      The "GUI" is SyncThing's own web page, so I have my NAS' GUI address as and then a separate Port per user - ie user1 would be port 8384, and user2 would be port 8385, etc. - this is what the "Open Web Interface" button will connect to.

      The Listen port is for the actual SyncThing protocol - so on your end device, this is the address that you would say SyncThing would find your NAS at, for example, tcp://myhomenas:22001 - again, I have different ports for different users.

      So, in short:
      GUI Port
      GUI Address
      Listen Port
      Listen Address
      Max Send
      Max Receive
      Someone Else

      Once you have configured that, and enabled it, then open the GUI and you can configure SyncThing itself (including user authentication, share locations, etc)
      From the NAS GUI, select Actions, Show ID - this will give you a long string of 8 groups of 7 characters, which you will need for your end devices to find the NAS (although the "Local Discovery" might now automate this - I'm not using it, so can't comment)

      Then it's "just" a case of setting up SyncThing on the end device, defining the shares and their location, and you should be away :)

      To be honest, I would play with some non-critical folders first - it did take me a couple of attempts to understand how to get things to work (especially if you need >1 user to access the same data), but that's where you would need to start asking at the SyncThing forum ;)

      Hope that helps
    • Just to add...

      I've just noticed that the recent OMV updates have bumped SyncThing to v0.13.0... this is not compatible with v0.12.* so make sure that your end device uses the same major version as the NAS.

      I currently have a couple of laptops that can't sync with the NAS at the moment, but it's not an issue as they sync with each other too, so there's minimal chance of data loss (so far... ;) )