Someteimes PLEX service isn't running / service status "RED DOT"

    • OMV 2.x

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    • Someteimes PLEX service isn't running / service status "RED DOT"


      i've got a minor issue with plex but it's bothering me for month now and I'd love to find a solution for it.

      About twice a week the plex service simply doesn't start. In the service status overview "running" is marked with a red dot. Plex Web Client ist down.
      Rebooting has no influence on that. I have to disable and reenable the plugin which takes quite some time.

      (OMV 2 & Plugins are up 2 date. The Plex plugin updates aren't the cause for this problem.)

      Anyone with the same problem?
    • When the dot is red, did you check to see if the service is actually running? Those status indicators can be wrong.
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    • @tekkb: I guess if that would be the case it should happen on every boot. (Server is not running 24/7.) Or at least not if I haven't added new media.
      Besides that i actually configured plex to scan the libary only if new files are added. (Don't know if there is alway some sort of media scan during the boot but I belief there is none.)

      @ryeocaaron: The indicator is correct, the service is not running. If that happens I cannot connect to the plex web client and my clients cannot find the server either.
    • I haven't had issue lately where the indicator is not correct. And yes, if it were a file issue it seems like it would happen every boot.

      I don't know if you select the scan when new files are added it will disable the scan at boot. But most media servers do do a scan at boot. And I know the default for Plex is to scan at boot.