autoshutdown IP range

    • OMV 2.x

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    • Hi,

      enter into the field "IP-Range" only 3..63 - the last group of the ip address!
      The first 3 groups - 192.168.1. - detects the script automatically from the OMV-IP-Adress.
      Server (own building in February 2015): ASROCK Q1900-ITX - Intel Celeron J1900 - RAM 4GB Micron CT515264BF160B - 16GB SSD Kingston SS050S216G for system OMV 4.1.x (Arrakis)
      - 2x2TB HDD Seagate ST2000VN00 3,5" in RAID 1 for data
      Homeland: Germany
      favorites Plugins: Plex Media Server - Transmission - Autoshutdown - Rsync - USBBackup