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      Hi guys,

      once again I need your help.

      I have one shared folder. The OMV webui shows:

      I created some folders in there with my windows computer. No I want to erase some of them.
      When I make a connect to network drive with my windows computer \\IP\Public
      I have some folders in there:
      The last two I cannot erase.
      When I try to erase them in windows the error message in windows says something like:
      "You need permission to do this operation"
      You need to get permission from "Unix user\root" to make changes in this folder.

      I already checked /etc/openmediavault/config.xml The folders tempmusic and temp are no longer in there.
      I used those folders to make a remote share to another NAS (My Book Live) and transfer the files in this folder via rsync into a folder on my OMV (e.g. from \\IP\Public\tempmusic to \\IP\Public\Musik)

      Any suggestion on how I can erase those temporary folders?