[SOLVED] Shared Folders seem to be sharing options?

    • [SOLVED] Shared Folders seem to be sharing options?

      Not sure this should go under the NFS forum section but I ran into this while setting up my NFS shares:

      In OMV under "Shared Folders" I create two shares, one called
      NFSRecordingArchive with a path of data/RecordingArchive and with the ACL for "Others" set to Read-Only

      then create a share called
      SMBRecordingArchive with a path of data/RecordingArchive and set the ACL for "Others" to No Access.

      If I then edit the first share I created, NFSRecordingArchive, the ACL for Others now reads No Access....the two shares are sharing the ACL rights it seems. I can change either share's ACL setting and the other share will reflect the changes.

      Maybe I'll setup a symbolic link for one of my shares to get around this so they have different file paths, but thought I'd ask here first. I need different permissions for each share.

      Any ideas? OMV is awesome.


      running omv 0.4.16

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    • Re: Shared Folders seem to be sharing options?

      The ACL is done in the filesystem, thus having 2 shared folders pointing to the same filesystem directory will finally produce your current situation.
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    • Re: Shared Folders seem to be sharing options?

      I understand how it works now, thank you for the explanation. I should just setup one "Shared Folder" with the permissions set as I need them.

      For anyone else that runs into this:
      From reading a few POSIX ACL examples,

      (easier in OMV gui)
      to show all the permissions
      getfacl /path
      to set permissions

      seeing a + on the end of a directory/file in a ls -l
      means the directory/file contains extended ACL's