Plex login doesn't work

    • OMV 2.x

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    • Plex login doesn't work

      Hi guys,

      i have a problem with the Plex-Plugin on OMV. I installed OMV 2.2.1 on my Raspberry Pi 2. The main focus on this installation is the plex media server. now i have full accress to the server in my home network. but i can't reach the server from outside. The port is forwarded and also i recive the "signal" from the server that the internet connection is OK. But i'm not able to log in to the service.
      When i open the Page and go to the server i get an error, when i try to log in. I didn't find out why this error pops up, my database is updatet and works fine.
      i can also connect to my account for the 2 plex-server, which is running on my PC. Also when I try this over the OMV interface.
      I hope you can help me.
      attached 2 pictures where you can see the error and the access.
      • Plex1.png

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      • Plex2.png

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    • Port is forwarded and when i test it on a website it says that the port is reachable.

      under network i checkt that the secure connetion is set to preffered.

      disablinge don't help.

      i dont understand it. it shows the lan and wan ip but i can not connect to the service. today i reset my router but it don't help.
      i also reinstalled OMV now i think 3 times.
      is it necessary to configure the firewall in OMV too? or is the firewall normaly off?