Installing OMV 3 on an HP Proliant DL380 (G5)

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    • Installing OMV 3 on an HP Proliant DL380 (G5)

      First a bit of background: I had this running very smoothly on stoneburner, and inadvertently ran... you guessed it omv-update without reading the warnings about such things.

      Needless to say I gleefully broke my install pretty horribly.

      I decided it was a fine time to do a clean install, so I pulled down the iso and tried to install. This did not go smoothly either, which surprised me substantially; the installer kept throwing errors on the network configuration, though they weren't terribly clear.

      After that I opted to try the debian bootstrap methodology but then suddenly discovered the issue that I most likely stumbled into on the erasmus install: the network firmware for my proliant built in network card is now classified as non-free (and thus not included in the base debian install).

      To resolve this issue, simply pull down the firmware .deb file ( and copy this to the 'firmware' folder on your usb thumbdrive prior to starting the installer (this could probably be done to the OMV3 image as well, and I will probably test this at some point)

      Once that is done, I simply proceeded through the normal deb install, as highlighted in this post (though that is the OMV2 install): How to Install OpenMediaVault over Debian

      However I found this easier at step 2, rather than using an editor as the file doesn't exist on a clean debian install (shout out to solo0815 here as I got this from his guide):

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      1. echo "deb erasmus main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openmediavault.list

      At step 3 I then followed his directions again, and brought in the gpg keys:

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      1. wget -O - | apt-key add -

      Now one would think that you could just go ahead and install openmediavault using apt-get (and you would be close); but it then screams about postfix not being installed and being dependent, so you do in fact need to knock that out first

      Source Code

      1. apt-get install postfix

      Then voila fire off

      Source Code

      1. apt-get install openmediavault

      So I am now up and running on the old monolithic piece of datacenter hardware I got handed down, and while it was probably quite a bit rougher than most OMV installs, I have been through much worse. With software I paid for.

      Special nod out to both jodumont and solo0815 for their guides, as I basically hacked it together from those two.
    • After installation you should execute

      Source Code

      1. # omv-initsystem
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