OMV doesnt recognize Drives

    • OMV 2.x

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    • OMV doesnt recognize Drives

      Hi Guys:

      New to this forum, and to NAS in general.

      I just set up my Raspberry Pi 3B with the latest version of OMV, and it's up and running. It recognizes a USB thumb drive, however it will not recognize a couple of USB 1TB hard drives (seagates) that I have used as potable drives in Windows 7. I do a scan in Storage/Physical Disks and it does not find them.

      How to fix this?
    • OMV doesnt recognize Drives

      So where do I type in Dmesg? All I've got is the web interface. I am a total noob at this so please be patient.

      Also, I think it might have something to do with the USB port power capability on the Pi. It may not be able to handle the power requirements of the drive.

      I tried using an external powered USB hub, but as soon as I plug the USB hub into the Pi, the network connection lights die. I'm going to get a new USB hub tomorrow, since this one has shown to be flakey before.

      Also, I tried to set the network to static IP address, but now it doesn't connect. It does not show up on my router anymore either. How do I reset to default network config if I can't connect to it?
    • You need to connect a monitor and a keyboard so you can connect to the local console. You usually run those commands in remote terminal, so for that you need to enable ssh in the webui. Now that you lost connectivity you'll need to connect a monitor to check the network or reconfigure.
      you can login as root and run omv-firstaid command to reconfigure the network.
      static ip don't usually display at router table.
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    • Working, but...

      Ok. Got the network back, I got a new USB hub, I can now recognize drives plugged into system, everything appears to be working normally.

      Is there a configuration guide or something to tell me how to configure the system? I just need to be able to access any drives plugged into the OMV box from anywhere on my network. How do I tell the WinDoze network where to find them?

      Excuse Pleeze. Total Linux noob.
    • For general purpose and easy access use samba, look in the webUI SMB/CIFS section, enable, add folders, select privileges (users) and they should appear in the network section in windows.

      The rest is pretty much for you to look around and you'll find the other options easy to read.
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    • Just a note to RPI3 users:

      In my recent experience, the RPI3 will NOT tolerate ANY type of plug in hard drive on it's built in USB ports. USB sticks are fine, but there is not enough power available to operate even a very low power SSD or especially not a rotating hard drive. Use a powered USB hub to plug the drives into.
    • This applies to all arm boards. Something that draws 2 watts at most will *probably* never be able to power much on those ports. Haven't tried an ssd lately though.
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