[RESOLVED] Display capacity problem (OMV - W7)

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    • [RESOLVED] Display capacity problem (OMV - W7)


      First of all I'm sorry for my English because I'm French (nobody's perfect), but I hope to understand.

      I meet a trouble between my windows 7 and OMV on the amount of memory used on the disc.
      Here is my first version of software.


      I met a trouble when my setup (first installation for me), so I have reformatted my raid 5 (3 * 2TB) with OMV
      On one side under hard OMV told me empty 0MB while under W7 I already stated about 180Go.
      According to a colleague who has watched with putty the server was empty, but W7 still show me the wrong value.

      I have to transfer new files (201Go).


      OMV now tells me that I have transferred 202Go but if it makes the difference between available capacity and I find myself with 380Go of use. Which corresponds to that W7 tells me (checked 2pc)


      Do you have an idea for me or do I reinstall all OMV and creating my raid

      Thanks a lot
    • Re: Display capacity problem (OMV - W7)

      Some of the space is used by the ext4 format. That is why you are seeing more space used than you transferred.
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    • Re: [RESOLVED] Display capacity problem (OMV - W7)

      there is a thread in the forum with a command to adjust the default amount it uses. i have done this as it was taking a large amount off my 5x3TB (raid 5) drives
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