Greyhole issues

    • OMV 2.x

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    • Greyhole issues

      Hello everyone!

      New to OMV, Grehole, Linux ~ you name it . . . . and I need someones help.

      After a lot of research and numerous attempts, I thought I had greyhole up and running. Maybe I missed something or am not understanding, but greyhole does not seem to be using my pool. SMB shares seem to keep filling up individual drives with no pooling happening (the other drives are empty). Even after I ask Greyhole to balance the files, not effect.

      Did I configure the pool incorrectly? I tried looking up the guides, but they seem to reference an earlier version of Greyhole and MySQL and such. Can anyone help? I would love to have "single pool drive" working and not have to worry about individual drives filling up while the other in the pool are empty. HELP!

      Thanks in advance
    • I'm not using Grey Hole yet but I have already done a lot of reading in forum posts and the Grey Hole setup guide.

      2 Things come to mind there was a forum post with a similar problem statement about not balancing and that was resolved by choosing 1 copy ... that causes the original to be on one drive and the redundant copy to be on another drive in the pool.

      The other thing to double check is the way the drives are configured in the pool ... as I vaguely recall when done correctly the storage location will be a folder on the drive pool and Grey Hole will put it in an appropriate place.

      The problem could also be with MySQL which has to be right and is a pre-requisite for Grey Hole.

      Sounds like you definitely don't have the configuration right yet and that you have specified the Shared folder locations on specific drives instead of a share on the Grey Hole drive pool.

      No time right now to research but I will check back here to see if you have figured it out ... I plan to install and use Grey Hole in the next week or so.
      Here are links I have been reading:…ter/greyhole.example.conf
      [Tutorial] GreyHole Plugin Guide/Drive Pooling in OMV Multiple pages and old but still valid .. Read all 5 pages.
      GreyHole Plugin Guide/Drive Pooling in OMV

      This is my reading list and hopefully it will have information you have not found yet.
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