OMV Wont startup

    • OMV 2.x
    • Resolved

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    • OMV Wont startup

      Hey guys,

      I am new to the Linux/Debian world so be easy on me,
      After installing and working normally on my NAS it wont start up. The OMW is installed on a USB Stick,
      There is an error Symbol not found: 'Grub_er0no*C?ub_?allot{'.
      I tried to run Super Grub2 from an USB and when choosing the partition with the OS it would give me an error "UnCompression error" System Halted,
      then i tried with Boot-Repair-disk, and received "please enable a repository contacting the [Grub2] packages in software sorces of Debian/Linux(sde1), then try again.
      and i have no idea how to Enable it, even with some google i didn't find an answer,
      Any help will be welcomed,