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      Hi guys,

      I'm a novice about NAS and i'm looking for some advices/suggestions. I've read a lot (!) of topics but i'm can't find what is the best solution for my needs.

      Needs :
      • Use : 4 HDD, Home file Server (3 users MAX but probably 1 most of the time), some download and Software Raid 1
      • Budget : ~140€ (200€ Max) without HDD
      • Requirements (in best the case) : A good MB/s (>20MB/S), quiet, low power
        Also, i will buy a WD Red and want to install OMV (after i've try it on a Rasp'PI ^^ )

      After my search, i found some solutions :
      • Banana Pi : 1 SATA, 25 MB/S max, (but cheap and low power)
      • Thin client : Is that ok with my requirements ?
      • HP proliant : ?
      • Desktop computer : Not my first choice, Great performance but high energy consumption and a little bit noisy

      I always feel lost about pros and cons and you guys look like to have a lot of experiences...
      So that's why i'm asking for help : in your opinion, what is the best solution for my requirements ?

      Thanks for your help !

      PS : Also thank for your great job ! :thumbsup:
    • IF you want to use 4 HDDs in something that only costs 200 € max. then you should go for a used desktop PC that has enough SATA ports (you need an SSD/USB stick for OMV itself as you can't install it on the data drives). If you are lucky, you could find even some Mini ITX system, otherwise you could get some silent cooler to minimize the noise of an ATX system...
    • If you are planning to use 4 HDD you can already discard the BananaPi and the thin client. Both of them have very low consumption, but lack the capabilities to drive more than 2 HDDs.

      The Proliant N54L is a tempting solution. However, I am not sure if you can get one for under 200€ (at least not here in Germany, the cost around 300€). But perhaps you get lucky and manage to catch one.

      I beg to differ that a Desktop has a high power consumption. It would be good to define what is "high" for you. It is possible to get a good quality, good looking used Dell desktop with good specs (something like this) for 200€ or less. Yes, as a Desktop system it might have a higher consumption (lets say 250 - 300 kWh a year, which roughly translates to 70€/year). However, it is possible to cut those running costs to half by sending the server to sleep when you don't need it (unless you need a 24/7 server). But my opinion might be biased, I am keen to re-purpose old/used hardware.

      Finally, if the used desktop option is not that appealing, with 200€ you can for sure build a low power pc which suits your needs. You can get a mobo+CPU combo for under 80€ (something like an Asrock QC5000-ITX for 65€ if you fancy AMD; or a Asrock Q1900-ITX for 73€ if you fancy Intel). Those are really low TDP CPUs (<15 W), and both of them have x4 Sata ports. With the rest of the money, you can easily get the extra stuff (ram, PSU and case mainly). This would be the most cost efficient solution, and by far the one with the lowest power consumption to fit your needs. Bare in mind, however, that those CPUs are no beasts: for basic home server stuff they are optimal, but as soon as you start tinkering with virtualization or audio/video transcoding for Plex you might encounter some issues.

      Just my 2 grains!

      Happy shopping!
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