OMV2.0 with OwnCloud Plugin 6.041 Syncing is Very Slow

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    • OMV2.0 with OwnCloud Plugin 6.041 Syncing is Very Slow


      I'm enjoying my recent OMV v.2.2.5 (Stone burner) instillation and its OwnCloud plugin v.6.041, very nice! I've installed everything on a test box for now a Pentium 4 2.66 GHz with a P4M800PRO-M (1.0a) motherboard and 2 GB of DDR2 266MHz RAM. ( I know pretty old ) Everything was going well until I installed the OwnCloud Linux sync client v 2.2.2 and started to sync my laptops home directory of 34 GB. It literally took 3 days to complete the sync, but after enduring endless Monit alerts dealing with Resource Limits matched or exceeded it finally completed. My first thought to explain this was the age of the system and possible overtaxing of the CPU. As a additional test I ran just a normal rsync command from the command line to sync my laptop's home directory (34 GB) to the OMV server, bnd it about only took 30 minutes to complete. I did get a few Monit alerts about exceeded resources, but none like I got before. So I'm wondering if anyone has any idea about why it took 3 days using OwnCloud sync client vs. a 30 minute rsync to sync the same home directory,

      Is there a configuration I need to tweak on OMV or OwnCloud ? Any ideas would be appreciated.