DNS Server options / alternative

    • OMV 2.x
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    • DNS Server options / alternative


      I'm trying to validate an idea and I am not entirely sure what the right approach would be for what I want, so would appreciate someone more experience giving some input if possible.

      I am looking to setup a DNS server, and the obvious choice for my network would be on the NAS which is running OMV. I reckon there are several ways around this:

      - Launching a virtual box for DNS only
      - Launching a docker to use exclusively for DNS (I saw one that uses webmin which seems pretty straightforward)
      - Running the DNS server out of the main system (perhaps via a plugin if there is any?)

      My box has two network interfaces, only one is currently in use. I suppose this isn't a problem if I run the DNS out of the main system but if I decide to do it over a virtual machine or a docker I am guessing it would be ideal to give it a unique IP?

      Ultimately I am after having a DNS server online that I could configure on my DHCP server so that I am able to effectively use local domain name resolution. I have a mikrotik router that's pretty good also and it is what I currently use but I am limited to basic DNS and can't actually setup zones for advance editing (which I would love to be able to do).

      I appreciate any sound advice.

      Jose R. Lopez