Bug with websites / nginx plugin

    • OMV 2.x
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    • Bug with websites / nginx plugin

      Hello, I recently installed the "Websites / Nginx" plguin since I wanted to setup a starting page and some redirects for my network.

      While mostly everything seems to be working, every time I attempt to "save" settings and apply configuration on the Nginx (websites) plugin it always results in an error. Sadly the error is not specific, there are no details and I can't find anything being logged on the sys log relating to the plugin (as far as I can tell).

      Almost everything seems to work tho, so I am not sure what exactly are the consequences of that error but though it was worth mentioning.

      The one thing that I have not been able to make work tho is using the root domain as the domain for 1 website, any other domain and naked domain work but not the root domain.

      So for instance, in my DNS I have:


      From the above, everything works, EXCEPT mynetwork.local, that one just keeps waiting and never loads. Using mynetwork (naked domain) works but it requires me to use http in front (which is why I'm using the extension .local to prevent google from trying to do a search.

      I haven't been able to make sense why all the subdomains work EXCEPT mynetwork.local, I can confirm that DNS resolves correctly so I am sure that isn't the problem, but it will just not load in the browser. It stays forever waiting (as if it was in a redirect loop).

    • Just adding a note here for anyone having similar issues.

      The errors I had when saving the website plugin settings went away on their own (so I am not entirely sure what was causing them in the first place). The most important thing is that I figured out the issue with the mynetwork.local domain name not working.

      I added the domain to my DHCP server as a local domain name and that immediately fixed it. I am not sure why that was needed exactly but that was the only change that made a difference. I confirmed by removing it and testing and sure enough it does not work. Adding it again, makes the domain work. Probably has to do with my specific router setup.