Time Machine OSStatus error 2

    • OMV 2.x
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    • Time Machine OSStatus error 2

      Hi all! :)

      I'm Filippo and I'm trying to setup a little NAS build with OMV 2.2.5 in order to do a backup of two iMAC by Time Machine.

      I followed the steps showed in the video and I checked every setting to shared folder created in HDD (file system is ext4) installed on server and Time Machine show me the shared folder but when I try to connect, I get this error: Time Machine OSStatus error 2

      So I reset and setup again all permissions of the shared folder and of the user that I created to manage this folder but I get the error again.

      I tried to uninstall and re-install netatalk but I didn't solve anything.

      What can I do to solve this issue? I've read some topics on this forum but none had the solution.

      Thanks in advice.

    • I had read that thread but the folder has no spaces in the name.The login works because if I use a wrong user or password the login window trembles.I try to connect to the server by CMD+K in finder but I get this error:Non ci sono partizioni disponibili o non sei autorizzato ad accedere al server.
      There are no partitions available or are not authorized to access the serverBy CLI, I've verify the permissions of media and I've see this about that HDD:

      Source Code

      1. drwxr-xr-x 6 root root 4096 Aug 22 17:50 0f0f897e-f021-4125-bc33-f6cb9d64c319

      In this HDD, I've see this for the folder that I want to use:

      Source Code

      1. drwxrws---+ 2 Marco users 4096 Aug 22 17:50 TimemachineMarco

      I think that the permissions are all ok.I don't kwon what else to do or check.Thanks in advice.
    • Try to use this structure

      |_ TimeMachineFolder/ <- Create this empty shared folder using OMV UI a new one. Then put this shared into AFP with time machine enabled.

      The folder TimemachineMarco has different default ownership and ACL so I don't know how netatalk will behave under those circumstances so better start clear
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