DNLA - Is it possible to mount a NAS from a different network?

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    • DNLA - Is it possible to mount a NAS from a different network?

      I have a DNLA networking issue with getting my NAS to talk to other DNLA enabled devices on a different network, even though both networks are linked together by 2 routers and a firewall iptable.

      Let me explain my setup...

      I have 2 routers - R8500 (Primary router) and R7000 (VPN router) with DDWRT 30465M Kongac on both. So I could get my full 200mbps internet speed (or at least close to it), as we all know how much a VPN can considerably slow down internet speeds, I have separated my VPN from my primary router (R8500) to have it's own dedicated VPN router (R7000) and have only those devices needing to use the VPN connected to this dedicated VPN router (R7000). Both routers are networked together, so I am still able to talk to all devices while connected to the 'other' network, and vice versa.

      However, even though I am able to connect to my NAS (connected to my primary router) whilst on the VPN router network, any DNLA devices on my VPN router can not now 'see' my NAS whilst using DNLA.

      So, one idea I thought of is to connect a Raspberry Pi, with Open Media Vault (OMV), to my VPN router and then, using samba, 'point' my media folders on my NAS, to the Pi. That way, my media folders would, theoretically, be 'seen' as being on the same network as the VPN router via the Pi - the OMV would then connect to my set top box using DNLA. However, I'm not sure if this would necessarily work, or even where to start with this...

      Firstly, is it possible to do this on OMV? I have downloaded the miniDNLA and Remote plugin onto OMV on a Raspberry Pi 3, but I am having trouble with pointing to the media folders on my NAS as the only option I get is on the SD card in the Pi. This is the network setup I currently have...

      NAS (Buffalo LS421DE) - 192.168.10.x (Primary router)
      Raspberry Pi - 192.168.101.x (VPN router)

      I don't want to connect the NAS to the VPN router as I then have issues with being able to remotely connect to it from the WAN. Besides, I have a VU+Duo2 set top box that needs to be routed through the VPN and can only connect to my NAS using DNLA. So, I have a problem with connection issues whether I connect the NAS to either the Primary router (then no DNLA connectivity on VPN) or the VPN router (can not then remotely connect to the NAS from the WAN).

      Could anyone share some light with a solution to this?


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    • you can dual home the box, setup VLANs, or just use sshfs to connect it....

      that being said, to be honest, you're doing things all wrong... the VPN thing is no reason to be running this weird setup and two LANs. Just put the VPN endpoint inside your LAN, it doesn't have to be the main router and only VPN traffic should travel across the VPN, not all internet traffic.