Better Forum Support for English or German Language

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    • Better Forum Support for English or German Language

      Is the Support in Englisch or German better 13
        German support is better (3) 23%
        English support is better (10) 77%
      So hello Community,

      I want to get active in this Forum.
      Shortly to me: I have a little "company" and run a OMV Server for about 2 Yeras now and want to build a new.... but i will start a new theard or search for something.

      Generaly i want to ask if you get better support in English or German?
      Or which Language is used most

      I already searched the Forum and didn´t find a concrete answer to my question and i understand the Theard about people complaining that there are often switches form Englisch to german and back.
      And nor i see a seperation beteween germand and Engish Theards
      My English is a bit rusty, so sorry for the maybe bad grammar :P

      greetings Markus

      Edit: And also a great suggestion of a Moderator: Use Chrome with auto translate and you don´t even notice when some switches languages :thumbup:
    • Personally, I have good luck and bad luck with google translating. Sorry I don't speak german either.
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    • I personally prefer english.
      although google translate exists, it sometimes gives wrong answer
      (and when it comes to german in screenshot, I have no way to translate)
      I think many people more learn english as second language than german
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