Can't create NFS share on OMV3

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    • Can't create NFS share on OMV3

      I created a clean OMV 3.0 VM. I mounted my BTRFS filesystem and this went fine. I can create shared folders and share those folders with samba.
      But... I can't create NFS shares! I get the following error:

      On my 1.19 OMV installation these problems don't exist.
      Any ideas on how to fix this?
    • I used @ symbol in the foldername because the folder is a BTRFS subvolume. OMV1.19 didn't have any problem with this... Isn't that strange? Did NFS (plugin) change for OMV3 ?

      I created a symlink of the folde called "@Media" to "Media". After that, I created a new shared folder called "Muziek" with path "Media/muziek". Then, I tried to create an NFS share of this new shared folder (which is using the symlink) an now the NFS share creation worked well!

      Next, I will try to do this for a folder called @Datastore... Right now i'm missing this datastore on my ESXi server :-0

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    • Didn't work entirely... The NFS share is created, but VMware ESXi 5.5 can't create the NFS datastore.

      What version of NFS is OMV 3 running? Is it NFS version 4?

      ESXi 5.5 seems to want NFS 3, see this error:
      "NFS mount failed: The NFS server does not support MOUNT version 3 over TCP."

      Any help is appreciated.
    • After looking at this some more, this most likely is an issue with datamodels which are new to OMV 3.0.13+. I would file a bug report here
      omv 4.0.17 arrakis | 64 bit | 4.14 backports kernel | omvextrasorg 4.1.2 plugins source code and issue tracker -

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    • Strange but "fortunate" event last night. My wife spilled water on an electrical outlet en we had a short-out.
      When I switched the power back on, my ESXi server restarted and the NFS datastore connected successfully.

      Maybe it just needed a reboot.
      For now I consider my issues solved.

      Thanks for your help Aaron.