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    • LVM (newbie) question

      As in the subject, I'm a newbie to this setup, but I was able to figure out setting up the Logical Volume Management plugin, but I made individual "logical volumes" (movies, tv, music) instead of making one volume for plex to read with separate folders inside it. But now I can't delete those volumes or reduce the volume group or unmount (or delete) in file systems. I have a low level home system and just getting started so I'm open to have to wipe the disks and start all over, but I'm curious if there are other options if something like this happens in the future. Thanks in advance
    • Most people don't need LVM. So, I would wipe the disks, create filesystems on them, and optionally pool them with the unionfilesystem plugin. Where you were going to use LVs, create different shared folders instead.
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