Budget NAS (Pentium, ECC, C236-Mainboard and more) - s.o. please check

    • Budget NAS (Pentium, ECC, C236-Mainboard and more) - s.o. please check


      can someone who is more into OMV take a look at my configuration I choose for my farther and if it would work out?
      Thank you guys, so here we go:

      Intel Pentium G4400 or Intel Core i3 6100 2x 3.70GHz So.1151 BOX
      Fujitsu D3417-B or MSI C236M WORKSTATION
      3000GB WD Red *3 for Raid 5 or something else?
      16GB Crucial CT16G4WFD8213 DDR4-2133
      360 Watt Seasonic G Serie 360 Non-Modular
      Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 gedämmt Mini Tower

      USB or SSD?
      My farther intends to use it as a media storage for his kodi media
      center connected to his tv (for recorded tv movies) and for savely
      storing emotional valuable data (photos and video's of us being little,
      his large music collection, etc).

      Dad wrote:

      He is on a tight budget, you would laugh if you looked at the hardware he uses to cut the commercials by hand and the time consuming of
      offloading it from a tvheadend server rendering, transcoding it with
      handbrake and uploading it to the nas.

      I already wondered if he'd go with a core i3 instead and create a
      transcoding folder for that stuff and let the nas do it (he has a very
      old amd athlon maschine) but I worry if I can set this up for him with
      jail / watchfolder stuff.
      Moreover he wants the maschine to be his tv recorder at the same time
      because a water damage nearly killed his current 1 hdd nas and destroyed
      his seperate tvhe machine.
      However this again seems hard to realize since I found no real solution for tv recording in a docker/ jail.
      (And the stuff found left me question if it would work).

      Which way to go for data security and reliability regarding setup/ raid configuration / file system to take advantage from ecc?

      Best regards
    • if you're on a budget, get used hardware... it doesn't need much cpu or ram. a 5 year old 64bit dual core (atom, celeron, or whatever) + 4GB of RAM is plenty. Just spend the money on new drives (and maybe a newer SATA controller), run RAID 6 or RAID 1 if possible (they're more reliable).