Subsonic not finding any update beyond 6.0 Beta 1

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    • Subsonic not finding any update beyond 6.0 Beta 1


      I have OMV Extras enabled, fully updated system. Subsonic is enabled as an extra.
      Only third party manually added repository is the Plex repository for the Pass users.

      After the last Subsonic update, which I think was in February, it has been stuck like this:
      Current version is 6.0.beta1, there is no new update available.

      From what I've gathered, other people have at least gotten the message that they could update their Subsonic to Beta 2 or to Subsonic 6 Final.
      I'm afraid something is wrong somewhere. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the plugin (with purge), and it only lets me update to version 6, Beta 1.

      My Subsonic Plugin from OMV Extras is version 1.0.10.
    • It showed the update and allowed me to install it on my end so i don't see why it would not work for you??

      You can install the update manually
      use the debian file and just follow their guide, the plugin will still work and see the new version.
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