How do I access OMV NAS outside my home network?

    • OMV 0.2
    • Resolved

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    • How do I access OMV NAS outside my home network?

      I’m looking for some serious guidance on how to access OMV NAS which is install on a Raspberry PI 3 from outside my home network. One user, I Just want use my windows 7 laptop to access some Word files stored on my home network PI OMV external hard drive when I’m at work.

      I read many, many post and searched Youtube though I’m still clueless on how to get this to work.

      Any help to guide me through this would be greatly appreciated. I’m a rookie so more details the better.


      What I think I Know

      1. From what I gather the best way is to use OpenVPN which I installed the PI OMV plugin.
      2. Opened up port 1194 on my router.
      3. Loaded the windows 7 client software from \ Community \ Downloads

      Where I’m Lost

      • I believe I need a configuration file for my client SW on my laptop. Where do I get this file and do I need to change the configuration data in the file to meet my criteria i.e. PI address, username, password?
      • Do I also need a configuration file for PI OMV plugin?
      • I’m not sure what else needs to be done to get this up in running?
    • Steini Thanks, you gave me the clue I needed. I didn't realize that the certificates are generated right from the OMV OpenVpn Plugin. My next challenge it to get it to connect. I placed the certificate file in the proper location and now have the extra selections on the client software in the system tray. When I select connect the window processes the connection though just says Wait and never connects. I tried the different selections with no joy. I have the correct IP address and port 1194 opened.