NFS for n00bs, I read the NFS pin!

    • OMV 2.x
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    • NFS for n00bs, I read the NFS pin!


      Forgive me for my ignorance. I read over the NFS pinned page and I think I found the problem but would like to run it by you experts. I recently acquired a server and have been messing around with EXSi and virtual machines. I created to me what was a very complicated setup for a simple task but it failed.

      I created:

      VM 1 = OMV
      VM2 = CentOS7 with PlexMS
      VM 3 = ubuntu server with sabnzbd
      VM 4 = CentOS with Sonarr

      I have the NFS share:


      The VM2 can read and write to the /Plex/TV nfs that is mounted as /mount/nfs/TV
      VM3 downloads to /sabnzbd/incomplete and /sabnzbd/complete fine mounted on /mount/nfs/sabnzbd/incomplete and /mount/nfs/sabnzbd/complete
      VM4 has mounts /sabnzbd/complete mounted to /mount/nfs/complete and /plex/tv mounted to /mount/nfs/tv

      I think this is where my problem starts:

      I have a category in sabnzbd which creates the folder in complete/tv to move completed sonarr triggered downloads

      Sonarr shows in the log that it can't access the downloaded files in /complete/tv to process and move to /Plex/TV

      I started creating users on OMV to match the users on the various VMs, but it looks like I might have mistakenly started to do this since NFS is not based on user/password permissions.

      Is my hypothesis correct in that I just need to make the different user on each of the VMs that is running is set to group with GID=100?

      I know i can do SMB here, but since I am trying to run an all linux environment and want to stay native, I want to give NFS a go.

      Thanks for your time,