hardware raid vs. snapraid - what's best for media server?

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    • hardware raid vs. snapraid - what's best for media server?


      I'm working towards redoing my home server.

      today it's running 8x3Tb raid 5 ntfs.

      Because of a failed drive (which was replaced) I now have a punctured raid.
      So I am working on emptying all my data out and redoing it... don't ask why it was ntfs :rolleyes:

      Anyway.. the disks are running on a LSI 9280 raid controller.

      I am kinda warm on the idea of mergerFS & snapraid.. at least mergerFS and the option to use different sized drives.. so I'm not stuck on 3Tb unless I buy 8 new drives all at once..
      But what would be the best option?

      raid controller & jbod (so what's the point of raid controller?)
      a new raid setup and sticking with 3Tb disks?

      I also have a lsi 9212 lying about which I've never used... it came with the server (older work computer) & a LSI LSI20320IE PCI-Express Single Channel Ultra320 SCSI Controller Card

      So those are the tools I have available..

      what would YOU suggest :)

      oh the server is mostly movies, series & music.. but also family photos, documents, software etc... photos are however backed up to crashplan.
    • If you have the unlimited plan with CrashPlan perhaps should use it for everything. Can take a long time but with properly setup sets it's at least worth it as another backup.

      I need to finish/clean it up some but I've a writeup of a CrashPlan + mergerfs (with and without SnapRaid)[0]

      At some point I'm going to document my full setup but basically it's mergerfs + CrashPlan (for all media) + scorch (for data corruption detection)[1] + (new to my setup) using rclone[2] to upload media to Amazon.

      To automatically catch corruption I use scorch via cron. Every hour "scorch --max 10 --sort random check /storage" which will check at most 10 random files and only prints errors which then will be emailed to me.

      Once rclone is finished with the initial upload I will put it on a schedule as well to upload new data regularly.

      [0] github.com/trapexit/backup-and-recovery-howtos
      [1] github.com/trapexit/scorch
      [2] rclone.org