Choosing a boot device

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    • Choosing a boot device

      I'm putting the finishing touches on my first DIY NAS system and need some advice about choosing a boot device. The motherboard is a Supermicro X11SSH-F, which has a M.2 slot that takes a 2280 card and uses PCI-E 3.0 x2. It seems to me the best boot device would use this slot, but I'm concerned about compatibility. Supermicro has a reputation for being a bit finicky about memory, etc., and the only M.2 devices Supermicro lists as having been tested with this board are by Toshiba and start at 256GB. Because of budget & need, I am thinking more along the lines of 128GB, which is still probably much more than I need. I've been looking at the 128GB Intel 600p for $65 and the Samsung PM951 for $81 as possible choices.

      But I worry about compatibility with OMV and the motherboard. As I understand it, the OS on the M.2 drive has to support UEFI. Also, as I understand it, OMV wants the entire drive to itself, so paying this much for 128GB of memory may be a waste.

      One option would be getting a less expensive 120GB SATA drive. This PNY drive costs only $40, and there are several other choices in this price range.

      The other option would be using a USB drive. These come in smaller sizes and therefore would save money. But I've read that OMV will wear out a USB quickly.

      So what do you folks with more experience recommend?

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    • Picky about memory and picky about an m.2 card are two different things. That said, don't waste an m.2 card on the OS. Debian/OMV doesn't support it with the standard kernel even with OMV 3.x Just use a usb drive but make sure to install the flashmemory plugin.
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    • Thanks.

      For a OMV newbie like me, some of this stuff is hard to figure out. E.g., I don't really know what the boot drive does. Does it just hold the operating system, or is it used for swap space too? Can one install apps like Plex on the drive? Etc.

      So, if I take your advice and go with a USB. Is USB 2.0 good enough, or should it be a 3.0 drive?

      How big should it be?

      I've been looking at Sandisk Extreme Pro 16GB, which are going for as little as under $15. But the description says it's encrypted, and I'm not sure this is a good thing for a boot drive. Your thoughts?

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