Error: "Failed to read file '/tmp/bgstatusfs2WVj' (size=0)."

    • OMV 3.x

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    • tornadox wrote:

      This makes OMV unusable at all, I can't save settings, nor install packages via UI
      If it's the flashmemory plugin simply disable it and you're done. If you want others being able to get a clue what's going on you might want to provide 'armbianmonitor -u' output too first :)
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    • tornadox wrote:

      in my case it seems to be related to flashmemory plugin which is installed by default on ARM systems afaik.
      I've never had an issue with the flashmemory plugin causing this. Does removing the plugin fix your problem?
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      ryecoaaron wrote:

      I've never had an issue with the flashmemory plugin causing this. Does removing the plugin fix your problem?
      It was just an assumption, anyway I've scrapped the A10 board for several reasons and moved to PCDuino3Nano. The problem does not appear there, however it sometimes appears on my main OMV x86 server with the system installed to an SSD drive. not sure what causes the issue, but it appeared only once. I suppose it can be caused by OMV running from a slow storage drive like microSD.
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      in my case it seems the issue is related to OMV 4. installing and setting up OMV 3.0.89 did not invoke the issue. so it seems like this:

      1) HP N40L - OMV 4.0.6 failed to read file error appears after installing & setting up plugins, reproduced 3 times
      2) HP N40L - OMV 3.0.89 - everything OK, cannot reproduce
      3) Virtualbox - OMV 4.0.6 - everything OK, cannot reproduce

      Now i cannot gurantee that i performed exactly the same steps in every case. In case of virtualbox i did not set up an additional partition on the system disk and did not change the default webui password.