Default Username and Password dont work on fresh login

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    • OMV 2.x
    • Default Username and Password dont work on fresh login


      This is probably the wrong place but couldn't figure out where else to mention this.

      I install OMV, bring up web UI, login with default credentials and it wont let me in saying the credentials are invalid.

      I've encountered this problem every time I install OMV and because this seems to be a year apart I always forget the reason why so I then spend the next hour wasting time trying to figure out what the hell is wrong.

      It seems that when you use a password containing the @ symbol during installation time it screws up the json configuration file or other configuration file(s).

      As long as my password doesn't contain an @ during installation everything works as expected.

      Given this issue seems to have existed for year(s) I figured it was time somebody mentioned it. Perhaps they have already... but the problem still persists nevertheless.

      Hope this helps someone. Hope those in charge consider this issue.

      Thanks for the great product!
    • The installation prompts for root password, not admin. Once the the installation is finished you should be able to login with


      SSH is disabled by default, so after you enable it and root is allowed you should be able to log into with root:the#@pass
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