Problems OMV 3.0 new Installation Mergerfs, Snapraid, Samba and Windows 10

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    • Problems OMV 3.0 new Installation Mergerfs, Snapraid, Samba and Windows 10


      after install OMV 3.0 from scratch i am unable to see files in samba share under windows 10. These folder are empty??

      Under Filesystems i could see all my hdd d0, d1, d2, d3, d4, my boot ssd with omv 3.0.54 (all mounted and referenced with ext4 filesystem)
      and a pool called poolshare with fuse.mergerfs filesystem even mounted and referenced.

      The pool was builded under union filesystem with name poolshare and devices d1, d2, d3, d4 with the preferenced mountig options from omv without changes also 4G minimum drive space and options defaults,allow_other.

      The hdd drives d1, d2, d3, d4 were filled under omv 2.0 with data and pooling options used through mhddfs and snapraid before installing omv 3.0 new (no upgrade from 2.0).

      Under Shared Folder in omv 3.0 i have added a shared folder called poolshare, with device poolshare (my 14,1 TB pool builded by mergerfs) without comments. The path was introduced from omv 3.0 as poolshare/ . Is this the problem has the place to be of one of the disks d1, d2, d3 or d4??
      Under User there was added two named GP and xbmc. Both users are members of users. Both users have the privileges to read and write on shared folder poolshare. Both users have under ACL Option nothing.

      Snapraid was builded as following:
      Blocksize 256
      automated backup: 0
      Scrub: 12%
      syslog active, E-mail sending active even all the preferences of omv 3.0. The hdd d0, d1, d2, d3 and d4 are the devices. d0 is used as parity device, all the other as data and folder devices. No synchronize after install omv 3.0.

      Samba was activated. Settings in Samba as following:
      As workgroup i am using PAULNEU, description %h server as default. Home folder wasnt activated as default but searchable (default), no WINS but sendfile and asyncrounous I/O were default activated.
      Sharings were set to active (poolshare [on poolshare, poolshare], public no, only readable no, searchable, ACLs yes even the rest options the default settings of omv.

      Under windows 10 my OMVSERVER is visible and even the shared folder poolshare, but no data are visible, no other folders or files.

      What is to do?


    • My setup has two OMV 3.x machines, mergerfs pools shared via samba with a couple Windows 10 clients. I don't even have any special options set in extra options. There is either an odd config causing this or it is a permissions issue. Install the resetperms plugin and try fixing the permissions.
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    • Hi ryecoaaron,

      it seems the fault is myself. The Question is how to share the mergerfs pool in omv samba for windows clients.
      In OMV 2.0 i could set a binding share something like shared Folder poolshare and this shared folder was used in Samba/Cifs.
      In the configuration of Unionfilesystem under omv 3.0 is no such option. So what is to do with the mergerfs pool called poolshare to share with shared folder and samba cifs. Should i add a shared folder under drive 1 (d1) but how could i bind it to mergerfs pool? I dont found any guide for omv to use mergerfs with Samba. Could you guide me, please.


      Gerald Paul
    • Hi,

      the problem is solved. I have to made new shared folders in pool and move all my data in the new folders. For my project i´ve chosen Film, Serien and Sonstiges as shared pool folders. OMV works in 3.0 as well as in Version 2.
      Manually installed was the midnight commander in omv.
      Keep up the good work.

      Regards on all and a happy new year

      Gerald Paul