Fan Control for Hard Drives

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    • Fan Control for Hard Drives

      So, i hope i am right in this section

      for some time i am searching for a Fan Control for Hard Drives. I Wanted to build a new Nas when 3.0 will be released and hope that there is a Fan Controll that i can keep my Hard Drives in Optimal Temperatur range (which is 30-45 Degree C according to big Cloud owners...)

      I read in a Statistic about Best Drive conditions for Clouds, and they say its between 30-45

      so why is there no Fan Controll Plugin where i can pick which fan is cooling my HDDs so it will start cooling over 35°C and go Full Speed at 45°C

      By now i got a MH1210A Temperature Controller
      or see Manual:

      Basicly i want to complain and say: make a Fan controll Plugin for Harddrives :D
    • markus221 wrote:

      i think i read that you have 50% more failure rate if hardrives are under 25°C or so...
      so its better to have Harddrives arround 50°C rather than to cold...
      I don't believe this. I like to keep my drives under 30 C. My Samsung F4s (have 10) have always stayed under 22 C in my basement and have never had any issues with them in 5+ years.

      Heat is the enemy of all electronics but so is humidity. If you get a drive too cold with too much humidty, you will get condensation. That is the only way cold is going to cause any issues. Maybe if you had it down near 10 C you might get condensation even with normal humidty.

      All that said, just have a fan run at constant speed. If the drives get over 40 C, turn it up. Otherwise, leave it be.
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    • markus221 wrote:

      Basicly i want to complain and say: make a Fan controll Plugin for Harddrives
      Not everyone has this hardware nor the need of such a feature. So why not become a open source contributor and implement such a plugin yourself. Maybe the community will thank you for this.
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